Goreblot Fortune Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here is the latest instalment of Goreblot’s Fortune Friday. Think of an issue that you would like to address or need guidance in and then choose one (or more) of the roman numerals I-III, or an object that appeals to you under them (as pictured) and scroll down to find your corresponding fortune!


A little note on guidance fortunes: These are by no means THE answer to all your problems. The messages are offerings of a form of inspiration to help you realize yourself what changes you need to focus on. If something keeps popping up for you, perhaps it’s time to really zero in on that and work on it. If you’d like to get more personal guidance, I offer personal readings as well in my Etsy store.

On to the fortunes 😀


If you chose I:

I. Desire for acceptance. Need for affirmation. Longing for attention, or longing to find your tribe. Listen to the issues and struggles you keep banging your head against. Be aware of growth in stillness. Ground your feet into the earth. How can you deal with the issues that keep coming up? The answers are always there, its just a matter of sitting still for long enough and listening to them. ~An excellent phrase I got from one of my Yogi Tea bags (yes, silly tea bags have messages too), “Share your strengths, not your weaknesses.” ~
What’s your story that you keep telling people? Or what’s the story you keep telling yourself? How can you spin it to make it feel good for you? Embellish it, make it into a grand mythos. Branch out of your organ meat. Tell a tall tale authentic to you and/or of authentic you. You can only get authentic for yourself. To start, look at the beginning, maybe find a catch phrase, create an intro, paint a beautiful picture of the scenes that are glued together with you gliding along in them. Represent yourself strongly and you will come off as strong and most importantly, you will feel strong. Puff up your chest proudly to the sky. Now’s not the time to be apologetic of what you have to offer. And don’t be apologetic of who you are and what you do. Offer a ridiculous smile that will infect anyone who dare make eye contact with you.

*Make sure to warm up before practicing any kind of stretching and practice with care to your body if you are new to yoga* suggested Yoga pose medicine: Mountain Pose

If you chose II:

II. The skinny vs. fat episode. How one projects their own set of problems on another. Jealousy of what someone assumably is endowed with. What cultural tags go on certain body types. It’s quite the obsession. That feeling that the other person has it easy or somehow is priveleged. A skinny body means fuck all, just as a fat body means fuck all – it’s culturally wrapped in stigma, and distaste, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide how much you want to internalize it’s functions (the labels). Being one or the other should not reflect you as a person. If you are focusing on and negating a body type because you feel you’ll never be like that, you are amplifying and reinforcing these culturally input stigmas and stereotypes, you are feeding into that system and you are reinforcing it into yourself so that it becomes this block. Projections will bounce off each other, you project your assumption onto others openly, the energy of that gets passed around in one big fucking circle jerk. The point is, everybody has their own set of issues of what brought them to where they are. A body shape is only one aspect to a person’s life, it’s not an entire translation, unless that is the person’s entire focus for the rest of their life. Assumptions about appearance will always be there. I encourage you to try to get past the stickiness of it. There’s more to a person than just their appearance. A whole history, a set of situations and a slew of characteristics streaming in their bloodline which got them to where they are, which got them here to where they are today. If you could look at someone’s entire journey, you’ll see it took them a set of their own unique challenges and set of circumstances to get where they are and to realize it. Don’t fall into the trap of comparison. Importance in these issues is coming forward in sharing, being open and honest with yourself and others and your own abilities and if you’re unhappy, look at what adjustments would help you on your journey. Instead of focusing on what makes you unhappy, focus on your own unique challenges and be humble about them. Your challenges are yours and no one can recognize them but you. You have something really cool and awesome to weave in your web of discoveries about your self. See that and own it.

*Make sure to warm up before practicing any kind of stretching and practice with care to your body if you are new to yoga* suggested Yoga pose medicine: Half Lord of the Fishes pose

If you chose III:

III. Passion lost. Directionless, no affirmations or inspiration of where to go. Little to no give. Apathetic. What do? It’s a continuous battle to strive or even want to strive for something when there’s no play, no site goal, no encouragement or anything to pump forward. In these times, it’s pertinent to find something that will stick you to progression. It’s easy to forget drive when there’s no vehicle around to steer. So, let me inspire you to find that vehicle. Try getting out and dancing, singing, draw or paint, focus on finding somewhere to play. You haven’t just let yourself play in a while have you? When was the last time you just let loose? And I’m talking about just letting yourself go, allowing yourself some silliness without the fuss of have to’s and perfection. Balance is key to remembering passion or finding passion. Look at the pyramid of Mind, Body, Spirit – all three need to be present in order to navigate life harmoniously. If you’re lacking in one aspect, for instance, you’re body is strong but your mind is weak, find a way to give your mind a workout. Train yourself up. Often times when you start throwing yourself into an aspect that is out of balance, the other aspects can also strengthen with it. Your spirit is low? maybe working on something physical will bring you back to some awareness, bring you back into your mind. It’s no lie when people say they need to go for a run to clear their heads, there really is something to it. Find something to plunge yourself into, even if the other aspects are kicking and screaming, everything will eventually teeter to a balancing point. And if you stumble, that’s alright, because that is part of the process. So allow yourself play, allow yourself to orient yourself to building new skill sets too. Play brings discovery, find out what you can discover simply by giving it a go 😉

*Make sure to warm up before practicing any kind of stretching and practice with care to your body if you are new to yoga* suggested Yoga pose medicine: Tree Pose

Try taking your medicine this week daily and see what things open up for you. Even if you do your pose once or twice, it’s better than none at all. And let me know how you feel!

Love and guts,
Doc G.

Gloomth Goreblot Fortune Friday

Happy Friday folks! And for those of us in these parts, happy long weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, I recruited Gloomth’s own Taeden to provide the words for this weeks Goreblot Fortunes. So without further ado…

The word choices are: 1.Thaumaturgic 2. Eidolon 3. Aberrant

Choose a word, if you haven’t already, and then scroll down to see what your Gloomth Goreblot Fortune is! See what your guts have to say 😉

Here are the corresponding Goreblots that emerged….

File 2016-05-20, 4 47 03 PM

If you chose 1. Thaumaturgic

File 2016-05-20, 4 48 57 PM

1. Thaumaturgic. What happens when a constant in your life changes and it doesn’t remain so constant anymore? A person in your life like a close friend, a lover, a family member – they change or they have to change, they change their roles. Something happens in their life and then the life you share inevitably has to shift. When shifts happen (or shit happens), that constant reliable source of a person you knew has to morph and with that, so do you. This shift leads to undeniable discomfort and conflict, internally and/or externally. The shedding of a role a person once owned is a huge transformation and one that not only effects them but the people around them. Shedding that skin is like the discarding of a piece of you, and in fact it could be a little, but only an aspect. Only a characteristic. There’s a teetering on the see-saw as one cannot stay in that constant forever. Leaving a role feels like leaving a responsibility or an obligation, depending on how you look at it. The other person or parties involved may have the instinct of not helping but feel abandoned on that see-saw we call life. Waiting and wondering how they’re going to move again. You can change with that person or change separately. Just know, you are already separate. Any imbalance that you felt being balanced by that person was a dependency on that person’s role. An expectation of what or who they are to you. Yes it feels like a betrayal, an unfairness to you. But just know its inevitable, necessary change. It’s being an evolving human being. You either sit on that see-saw and wait for your partner who may never come back to play on that thing, or get off and find something else to play on, perhaps someone new to play with or perhaps you’re on the swings side by side, or taking turns pushing each other. Conflict will happen, you will get upset, and then adapt and figure out a new approach.

Song medicine choosing by Taeden!

If you chose 2. Eidolon
File 2016-05-20, 4 49 14 PM

2. Eidolon. Catapult into catastrophe. Celiac disease, heart palpitations, obesity, scare scare scare. Bombarded with what you’re suppose to do with your body in all forms of media. Bombarded with body images that make you feel inadequate or like you’re not doing enough. Media, posts from Facebook friends, obsessions, never-ending feed of trends of food and health, trends of studies poking and prodding for answers, trends of ideals, trends of mental health cures. Whoa there, take a minute. Establish your ground. Even subliminally, subconsciously, or consciously this stuff can take a toll on anyone! Especially if you start to internalize, especially if you start measuring yourself up to this hype. Don’t fall into that trap. Even if you think you aren’t, there’s always something sneaky that makes you forget you dipped your toe in. I encourage you to take a break from that feed, and really sit with yourself. This stuff will continue to go on as it always has and it doesn’t need to have a bearing on you. So don’t take it personally, don’t think you aren’t good enough or you are being measured out of the equation just because you aren’t doing these things, or activating with these trends. And if it’s really bothersome, investigate why it bothers you so much. What pieces in your life do you truly feel are lacking? What can you do to change that? And I have no doubt in my mind that you have the will to change what you need to if you really want to. That’s the key right there, do you want to change? If so, it’s going to be work. Of course it is. There is no easy magical solution. Media makes things look easy, people who have gotten there make it seem easy, but you’re only getting a tidbit of information. So investigate. You want to change, put in the grind and grit and make it happen, if not, then sit back and if you want, be happy. You also don’t have to be happy. No one’s making you. But also don’t think that things are inaccessible to you, if there’s a will, then there’s way. And if there’s no will and you want will, than find it first.

Take your song medicine! Choice selection by Taeden!

If you chose 3. Aberrant
File 2016-05-20, 4 49 28 PM

3. Aberrant. Skills come and go. You get adept at something and you are driven by it for so long and then something else happens and takes you away from it. You get busy, you get distracted, other life things happen. Returning to that skill you worked so hard on feels awful because it feels like you are starting from the beginning. You kick yourself lots for not being on top of it, you punch yourself for not doing more. Beating yourself up over and over again. Not to mention, I wager you look at others and their progress in a similar skill and can’t help but compare yourself. You’re holding onto all these high standards for yourself that is making it impossible to approach this thing you want to do. You know you love it, but your head is so washed up in all this past and future shit, it’s hard to wade through it all and just be ok with what you have now. That’s a thought. You really are ok with where you are right now, because that is where you are! You can make things difficult for yourself and keep beating yourself up, but doesn’t that get tiring after a while? And say, once you start digging into this skill thing you have going once again, I guarantee you it’ll feel alright. It may be awkward at first as you gain your bearings, but recall what initially got you doing it in the first place, recall the passion that drives you and remember how much fun it is. You can’t be perfect to your degree of perfectionism right away. And I’ll tell ya, you may never get there. If you do reach that level you want, what will it feel like? But ultimately, what does it feel like now? The stumbling process steps. What makes it fun? Forget about end result or past results. Wire yourself into now and be intimate with yourself and your body and it’s mechanics as it’s doing this skill. The magic is in your moment with it, no one can take that away. Try doing this for yourself, nobody else. Share if you want with people a week from now, but try and see how satisfying it is just to do it for yourself. The urge to insta-share is incredible, I know, but this is your magic time. Be with yourself, be with the process and try to let go of the result. Magic will happen, I guarantee.

Song medicine choosing by Taeden!

I hope this resolves some gut issues for you guys and if not, try a tonic with ginger or something stomach settling, eat a few extra greens, more water, and maybe skip on those chips for now.

And until next time,
Love and Guts,
Doc G. <3

Goreblot Fortune Friday Featuring The Gloomth and the Cult of Melancholy!

For this coming fortunes I asked my friend Taeden from Gloomth to provide the words. Last week I was on a bit of a hiatus, honestly needing a sorting out of myself as I constantly do, and concocting what to do next with Goreblots. I’m taking on more dance classes and I’m on the road to enrolling in yet another certification for fitness, so this is occupying some time and brain power.

Here are the choice words chimed in by Taeden!
1. Thaumaturgic 2. Eidolon 3. Aberrant. Choose your word(s) and tomorrow, your guidance fortune will be revealed!

Happy almost Friday and for some of you, long weekend! I haven't been as active on this account because I have been busy being active – dancing, studying, all that jazz. So! Here is this week's fortune Friday featuring @thegloomth ! I asked Taeden, the head honcho, to pick 3 words for this week's fortune forecast. Pick a word or two or three, and tomorrow your fortune will be revealed to you in Paintomancy Goreblot fashion. In the meantime, check out Gloomth's amazing fashion on the Insta and web! Brand spanking new collection! As pictured here in the photo I butcher collaged 😆 model @tifferknee Have a wonderful day! #gloomthandthecultofmelancholy #gloomth #goreblot #goreblots #paintomancy #divination #foretune #psychic #tarot #oracle #psychicreading #freepsychicreading #chooseyourownadventure #existentialism

A photo posted by Doc E. Goreblot (@goreblots) on

There’s some exciting stuff happening with Gloomth as of late and I feel lucky to be close friends with such a strong creative gal as I get to have a little inside scoop before things are released. So in case you aren’t familiar with Gloomth, they are an alternative lolita brand of clothing. I say alternative because it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘goth’ or full on lolita. What’s great about Gloomth clothing is you can integrate your own style with the pieces and make your own unique personal brand that expresses you or perhaps one of your alter egos or characters.

It’s a challenge to be different, especially when it comes to sticking out fashion wise. And what I constantly learn and get reminded of from Gloomth and the other weirdos I know, is to be comfortable doing you whatever that entails. For me, it’s an interesting mixture of trying out different outfits that don’t necessarily blend in with the norm, to sometimes wanting to be invisible depending on the day. When I actually do get into outfit making mindfully, I feel my day or evening has more of a sense of purpose and intention to it. Choosing clothing really is like choosing your own uniform, especially if you have the luxury of wearing whatever you want to your job. Even within the guidelines, there’s always a way to slip in your uniqueness. When you wear something that feels right to you, it’s fun, and it feels awesome and overall, don’t you just feel like you are in your own more? Powerful even?

Yea. You’ve got the power, so don’t forget to embrace that.

Now, if your fancy is tickled, I encourage you to check out Gloomth’s *Brand New* collection called Ghost Story. Some luvely pieces in there that may whisper a ghostly song to your vampire soul 😉

Lastly, but not leastly, if you are local to the Toronto area, I also encourage you to check out Gloomth’s event the Haunted Tea Party! This is an excellent chance to bust out your very bests, it does so happen it lands on a Sunday, and be elegantly social, or a spooky wallflower, whatever floats your boat and meet the Gloomth team and other interesting, wonderful oddballs. It’s not to be missed! Tickets are limited, so I suggest you grab yours while you can. AND it’s being hosted at a very gorgeous, ghostly Victorian museum home.
Details here: http://www.gloomth.com/teaparty.html

Stay tuned for Fortune Fridays tomorrow!

Love and Guts,
Doc G.