Featuring Peter Kalyniuk Goreblot Fortune unFriday

I may have put this instalment under a bit of a stall. I ran myself a bit ragged last week. But no mind! A Goreblot will get to you, and here it is!

This Fortune (un)Friday brings in another talent I met through the artist trip to New York, Peter Kalyniuk. This trip included an amazing roster of artists, including Thee Garbageface. I remember Peter describing his process once of creating his creatures and it had something to do with involving a photocopier and finding lines and faces emerge from the distortions. I am always fascinated with other artists processes. I can’t speak of Peter’s current processes or how it’s evolved, but from observation and seeing his creations, it’s like witnessing something of a psychedelic spiritual experience. The juicy colours in his screen prints combined with the layers of swirling line work of faces within faces stretching beyond and the attention to fantastical musculature is a compelling surreal world to step into. My words can’t do his work much justice so I encourage you to take a gander.


And if you are in the Toronto area and happen to find yourself in Kensington Market, you can spot a large example of Peter’s work in person on the signage of Cafe Pamenar, located at 307 August Ave. https://www.facebook.com/cafepamenar/?fref=ts The cafe has a luvely front and back patio if you wish to stay and lounge offering up a selection of coffee beverages, booze, and snackie foods. Inside you’ll find the walls featuring a regular rotation of local artists’s work as well.

And! before heading to the Goreblotting part of this entry, I want to gather your attention to the fact Peter also does experimental music of which pairs beautifully whilst gazing at his family of psychedelic, surreal creatures.

Onto the Goreblots!

I asked Peter to contribute the word choosings this time around and they are: 1. Curtain 2. Ignore 3. Speck

How it works: with a question in mind about whatever subject you need guidance in whether it’s relationships, career, health…choose a word that calls out to you most and scroll down to get your Goreblot fortune!

If you chose 1. Curtain

Now is the time to take time, to realize you have time, or make time. This time allotment will allow you to make things beautiful for you. Your life may feel like a mess right now and that free time seems like a luxury. However, it’s all frame of mind. Your busy-ness has been your choice and you brought yourself to where you wanted to be. Be ok to recognize that you worked your ass off and be ok to recognize that no one is slave driving you but yourself. Turn around the projects that mean so much to you, and know that you do have the time to really breathe it all in. A few seconds, a mere few minutes to slow down and acknowledge. This is a moment to trust, let yourself really trust. The more riddled with anxiety you are, the more you need to take that leap and throw yourself in there. When the curtain lifts, all eyes are on you and you know what? all those eyes want you to succeed and all those eyes don’t care about how you do it. You cannot protect yourself from judgments, and really who cares, but the more you hesitate, the more it will eat away at you and your ambitions. But if you make that leap, I guarantee you will feel victorious and you’ll want to do it again right away. Celebrate your mistakes in a way that shows you the path to your successes. You need to make mistakes in order to stumble to victory. Take the time to make what’s colouring your world beautiful. Fight that urge to run away and know that the unknown really isn’t that scary once you meet it. It’s actually quite exciting. You can roll with what you meet on the other side, you’re as ready as you are ever gonna be and whatever happens will be a unique learning thing, and not, trust me, the end of the world.

Song choice by Peter Kalyniuk: Philosophy Of The World by The Shaggs

If you chose 2. Ignore

We often choose to ignore certain things that do not interest us. Sometimes these things we ignore are pressing issues that need to be addressed. Ignorance does not make things go away however, and usually the things we ignore most are the things that continue to come up as an issue until we address them. It can be a bit of a habit that we get into. It’s good to be aware of why we are not paying attention to something as it speaks to our character and our tendencies. We may glaze over something that does not impress us, or it may be something that makes us anxious. This time around, instead of trying to ignore something, see if you can address it in an honest manner. Confront this issue with how you feel openly. If it’s something that is persistent even after expressing your discontent, then dismiss it and walk away. Once you’ve confronted something, it is up to circumstances to then acknowledge the issue and resolve. Nothing will resolve itself though, it needs to be a joint effort. There is something nagging that is needing your attention, so I suggest you treat it right away, otherwise, the nagging will spread and eventually it’ll be too much for you not to ignore it. Make some choices that might be hard choices, they’ll be the building blocks to find more ease in your situation. You may mind in not dealing with something in the conscious world, that these issues will arise in your dreams, or you may find yourself sleep walking or talking. Pay attention to anything that comes up and it may be a clue to what you need to confront. Make sure to take care of yourself and give yourself plenty of time for a goodnight’s sleep. A stable state of body will help a stable state of mind and in turn, help you confront the issues you need to not ignore anymore.

Song choice by Peter Kalyniuk: Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny

If you chose 3. Speck

You can blow it up all you want, it still remains a small, physical thing. What little thing is bothering you? What are you trying to see or get a bigger picture of? It may not be worth your effort to try and dissect it as it will still remain frustratingly this little thing. I suggest you let it go for what it is, take it as a literal grain of salt even. You won’t be able to see past anything else, you won’t be able to see more details, because it’s just too tiny and insignificant. It’s one of those things you can flick or blow away without paying any mind to. It may be a nuisance and really that’s all it is. Everything else that’s around that speck, that frames it, that is more significant, that is visible, that is touchable, revert your gaze back to those things. Try not to blind yourself by squinting too long staring at this thing that doesn’t move, that doesn’t change, but is just there. Think of some dust that has probably settled and that is the minute piece of what was kicked up. Everything is settling or starting to settle and there’s no need to kick things up and stir things up again. Avert your attention, draw your gaze out and remember to see what surrounds you, what makes your structure. There are far stronger things that are making you tick and keeping you alive. The speck is but one thing you can eventually flick away. It’s not going to serve you or grow or come after you. It’s just there. One tiny invisible detail. A decoration of insignificance.

Song choice by Peter Kalyniuk: In My Dream by Sean Nicholas Savage

I hope these fortunes meet you and find you well. If you have any questions or insights, I would like to hear from you! you can always comment or contact me on my contact page.

Till next time! Love and Guts,
Doc G.