Internal Wars, Goreblot

So for those of you following these posts, you may have noted that I am not releasing the Goreblots right on Friday anymore nor calling it Fortune Fridays. Due to the fact that I am shifting around and I am feeling out different release times. I admit, it’s a big step being a consistent content maker! Such responsibility!

Yesterday I decided to have a screenless Sunday which was so fantastic I am definitely going to do more. Sometimes we need to take a break from things, slow down, and see the world and remember what it’s like beyond the screen. It was instantaneous for me to reconnect with myself and so humbling and warm to be alone with myself and feel good about it. Often times being so connected in computerland can drive anxiety and depression up the wall bringing this loss of real connection to the self. We’re so driven to publish ourselves and broadcast that a moment is not even taken to consider a moment even. So there’s that.

On to the Goreblot fortunes, shall we.

Your choices:
File 2016-08-29, 12 35 14 PM

Choosing your word/number with a question in your mind, scroll down to get your corresponding answer!

If you chose 1. Voyant.

Shifts. Cancellations abrupt. You don’t see them coming and you’re surprised but not overly anxious about it. But also maybe not that surprised. You know what’s happening around you, acutely aware of your surroundings. You’ve chosen to put some filters on so you don’t have to deal with certain issues that seem too noisy to you. And these issues are a bit noisy with emotions. However, don’t be too dismissive as these issues will come your way and effect you in due time.

Your attention may be traipsing along a trail that it doesn’t need to go at the moment. You are unhappy with a situation and you see that, yet you continue along because you don’t know what else to do or how to deal with it. Perhaps shifting your perspective and knowing you can’t fix everything exterior to yourself, but you can work on your interior. You know how you’re going to react to something, you may even know how events are going to unfold – since you know this or think you know all this, then you have a lot of power! like whoa. So in that, you have choices. You choose what you are going to do and who you are going to be to these issues you see or choose not to see. It’s up to you, you choose yourself and know the outcome is all you.

Here’s a song for you:

If you chose 2. Miasma.

Health complaints. Blaming the weather. The weather is but an ingredient so you may want to investigate other factors. Bio-hack yourself, look at the other ingredients in the recipe that makes you and figure out what’s making you tick, what’s making you feel ‘off’.

Your environment, your social constructs, your exposure – and even exposure to what you expose yourself to, not just what is coming at you. Emphasis on what you expose yourself to, as we make the same recipe, we will get the same results over and over again. So what can you change that you are exposing yourself to that may be hindering your health? What ingredient can you tinker with, something different, to create a different result? And if you really want results you really have to change the recipe and it might not work out the first time. But fumbling around in that kitchen and making mistakes means you will be closer to finding out the right formula.

Avoidance and bedroom judgment from your computer isn’t going to help you here. Defend yourself with all the blogs and memes in the world, they may make you feel righteous for a little while, kicking up a conversation and an awareness, but you’ll still feel there’s something missing. And what that something is is action. Do something if you really want to feel better. Work on yourself, it really is your choice. You deserve wellness, it is your right and no one can interfere with that. Just know that. For real.

Here’s a little song for you:

If you chose 3. Clerical

Hey, life gets in the way, as they say. It’s a kind of rationale, it’s kind of an excuse, we all know where our own priorities lie and sometimes they don’t coincide with others’ and that’s ok really. Just remember, the life you chose is the life you chose and be aware of what you choose over something else. If work is taking you away from something you really want to be doing, then perhaps switch your vocation or at least make it so you are closer to what you actually want to do.

I’m not saying quit your job to chase your dream job, that’s too much pressure on your dreams, all of a sudden overwhelming your dreams with real life demands might just crush them into smithereens before they even had a chance. It’s a tricky balance for sure. But what can you push where you are at right now? is there some flexibility there that you’re not seeing? There is always definitely time to sneak in there for something you really want to do. If you want to art away but feel like you don’t have the time, what about sneaking in a 30min session somewhere? even 10min is better than nothing right? And anyways, it’s like training for something big, you have to walk before you can run. So don’t stretch yourself beyond your current limits, go at your current pace, be okay with it and yes, you do have time. You most certainly have the resources.

There may be slight sacrifices, but just weigh out what matters to you most. Time unwinding watching T.V. for instance? or a doodle session at your favourite cafe? you make it a habit just like the mindless internet surfing, you’ll be doing more of what you love in no time.

Take care and listen to this:

I hope you have a terrific week. If you need me, the Doc is here for you.

Love and Guts,
Doc Goreblot

A Weekend’s Goreblot Post

I felt the energy of the season shift one evening past week, a couple nights before the full moon this past Thursday. I was out having a long walk of which I am incorporating more of in my life. Walks are great for smoothing out the bundles of knots in the mind. Along the water, as the sky was getting dark, the moon beams were glorious. A touch of wind, the air slightly cooler than it has been and it was the kiss of autumn, or what I like to think of as harvest season.

Around this time, everybody’s energy is shifting gears from vacation and summer mode, to getting ready to go back to school, or farmers harvesting their crops. I find myself buzzing around this time and as we get closer to autumn, my excitement really amps up. In a conversation I had, there was mention of the Ayurvedic system and how you can balance these energies in what you do and in diet. Since this isn’t the first time this practice has caught my ear, I am going to start studying it. What was mentioned for energies like myself and around fall time, is focusing on grounding foods like root vegetables and wearing something around the neck like a scarf. Perhaps the notion is to tie my head down so it doesn’t float away! Ha. I’ll find out more and really dive in and in the meantime…

To the chase, this (past) week’s end Goreblot fortunes choose your word and scroll down to get your corresponding fortune as well as a little prescription to help you on your way 🙂

doctor's case

If you chose 1. Stomache-ache:

Juices and acids mixing. Your digestion is poor. There is something you are not digesting or refusing to see. There is conflict in your gut.

When our guts are telling us something, we should pay attention. Guts are actually quite intelligent and science is finding that they may just be a second brain to our bodies. How many expressions incorporate the stomach? my stomach is full of butterflies, gut reaction, I can feel it in my gut, etc. Our bodies are quite good at telling us when something is up and we have become quite skilled at ignoring those signs and signals, writing them off as say a common ailment, or excusing it as a thing that just is.

But what if you started tuning into those signs? trace the trail to figure out the underlying cause of that bloated feeling, the gas, the heavy feeling. What are you feeding your second brain?

There’s light shining in that muck and it won’t actually take that long to uncover it. The key is listening – which is a practice in itself and that may take a while to master, but you can do it!

The ache is a reaction to what you are subjecting your body to, cortisol, the stress hormone, may be at high levels concentrating the vile acidity and causing the turmoil in your body and emotions. Signals are good as they tell us something is up. Listen to the signals, take note and try to translate as best you can. Uncover your body’s signals like an ancient language from a far away time – but that’s somehow familiar. It’ll become more so the more you start tuning in and soon you’ll be a master to this language. You will start to know every gargle hieroglyph to it’s very core.

Prescription: Sunshine from the outdoors – you’ve been in murky places too long. Get outside and soak up some Vitamin D, and note that if you shower right away after getting it, that it’ll wash off! You can also supplement with D which is not a bad idea if you suffer from depression or anxiety. (note: I am not a doctor! so take your own precautions and if you have extreme concerns go see your own doctor. I am in great belief that we can take our health into our own hands, so do what you think will help and be best for you).

Make sure before any exercise to perform a warm up*. Movement: Crunches, curls, plank. Stomach exercises to awaken the fire within you and help create clearer signals so you and your stomach can communicate better. (refer to video 1. at the bottom)

upward dog
Counter/release: make sure to stretch it out so tension does not accumulate. Try a nice easy Cobra or upward dog.

If you chose 2. Heart-Throb:

Bright swimming. Light happy. A reminder of what gets your passions pumping.

What did you enjoy watching as a kid that inspired you to create? Was it a teacher or a show, an illustrated story book that got your imagination going beyond the pictures of the pages?

What was one of your favourite crafts that you could spend hours on and not overthink? Making things with googley eyes, a whole world of critters. Or maybe melting different plastics, gluing them together and making fashion brooches. Or trying your skills at observation and drawing loads of cats from real life or a cat book. How about tracing cartoons where you switch the body parts around, or even stencilling a pattern with fabric paint on a sweater as a gift for mom.

What is your childhood crafting adventures look like?

I encourage you to explore those exciting crafty memories. Remember the textures and smells, the hours of enthusiastic labour where no judgments infiltrated the mind. It was all heart. It was all love for the colours, the textures and the experimental process. It was beyond perfect and it didn’t need to be. Perfection, corrections, judgment – were all inconceivable notions at that time.

Now you have full permission to have that back! Seriously, the time has come to bring wonderment and excitement back into the game of your craft.

Movement: twists and shakes, skipping. Skip down a field, the sidewalk, wherever. Skipping is a great way to shake out any dark corners in the body and it’s impossible not to smile when you’re doing it.
(refer to video 2 at the bottom)

Counter: child’s pose – to relax and release any tension in the body and mind.
File 2016-08-20, 1 25 32 PM

If you chose 3. Brain-freeze:

Anxiety. A million thoughts burrowing in your brain, overlapping and fighting each other for attention future past, past future.

Crowding your brain are thoughts of all the possibilities and it feels like you’re baring all this responsibility but it hasn’t even happened yet.

It’s a habit of tenseness. A web of avoidance. It’s a feeling that once it starts, it has to run its course through your body – starting in the brain and making it’s way through your spine trying to reach your limbs.

It spreads, but dissipates until the next impulsive, obsessive gulp. And by accident it happens again. Then again it dissipates.

How many times are you going to do this action until you’re either numb or realize to take it slow? And realize that what you’re overwhelming yourself over is something that will dissipate or has already. Or that it’s naturally not threatening and it’s only your body that’s making the reaction, the foam in the cup that keeps building up and spilling over and out.

Before you take that sip, overexcited, slow it down because if you take it in fast it’ll be uncomfortable. But even if you don’t slow down, before you know it, it’s past. But wouldn’t you rather enjoy that drink of life, that moment of anticipation even before you guzzle and rather than barreling through it aggressively causing unnecessary discomfort, feel the exciting, pleasurable sensations?

Movement: Slow steady like Tai Chi, moving with the wind or picturing calm waves of water.
(refer to video 3)

Counter: breathing meditation, focusing on deep long inhalation and exhalations.
(video 4)

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Love and Guts,

Doc Goreblot

Overdue Goreblot Fortunes!

Here it is, I’m sure you were all on your toes and I just left you hanging for almost the entire summer! Phew! But I am a person to follow through, even if I procrastinate and really really late. I like to keep to the things I say I’m gonna do. I have a long list of those things that are waiting, kindly and patiently. Ha!

So I left you off with vampires. Let’s explore this wonderful subject. Perhaps some of you have already indulged yourselves in watching these film choices, maybe even a few times, maybe even not- and in that case, we’re getting the flavours of Halloween coming around the corner and this is a perfect opportunity to start getting into the mood 😀

The choice movies were:
vampire movies

Picking a movie, scroll down and your Goreblot Vampire Fortune will be revealed to you! (long overdue!)***

1. Interview With The Vampire

Following dreams. Changing and shifting your view on your reality. It takes a certain viewpoint to move on, to shift and change perspective. But let that part of you go in peace. Let it die in it’s own natural way. It may fight for a few last breaths as you draw the last drop of life’s blood from it.

Let the shift happen, it is inevitable you are changing and becoming another creature. This new you will be hungry and it will be a startling hunger. You may not know how to feed this hunger at first, but you will find ways and baby step into it. A mentor may help you find your bearings in this new world you are exposed to or you will come across some unexpected communities. Be open to what you can learn in this new world and from these peers that will start appearing and coming forward. Your old you is but a ghost and has no more strength to fight so instead of draining your energy trying to hold onto a phantom, give it a sweet gentle kiss goodbye and embrace your new love. Your new you.

1’s Song Recommendation:

2. Blood For Dracula

It has come time to move location. Your sources have ran out and run dry. There is no purpose to stay other than by principle. But if you stay, you may find yourself gradually wither. You must find a new town or a new way. You need virgin in order to stay alive, in the order of a new commitment to keep you living this long life and carry this heritage you bear. This virgin seeking can be finding a new clean slate to work from, perhaps a new community to pump new life and inspiration into your veins. You will find your virgin, but it may not be in the form you expect so keep your eyes peeled. It could be a selection of virgin oils; coconut or olive, perhaps. This may be a time to start thinking of your health and committing to an intake of nutrient rich virgin fats, essential for brain function amongst other things. You may stumble in your journey at first, making mistakes, but just know that each mistake gets you closer to where you need to be. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get it right the first time. Your impulsiveness might get you into a bit of trouble which may cause you to step back a bit and reassess where you’re headed. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize and don’t delay opportunity when you see it, jump on it as soon as you can. You’ll find once you’ve made this achievement and unlocked it to it’s core, you’ll have supporters close by your side and then what you have been aiming for may feel like it’s practically being handed to you. Accept that gift.

2’s Song Recommendation:

3. Let the Right One In

Sometimes it seems like the world is against you. Sometimes it feels like you have no friends or allies and the world is cold, hard and miserable. However, during these bleak times you find your imagination is able to run rampant. You are able to detach from the cold heartedness that is sometimes life, to find your own world of hope, wonder and beauty. Just know you are not alone nor need to be. When you awaken from your imagination world from time to time you will see you have friends. Perhaps, a friend in particular, of seemingly “normal standard” peculiarity with whom you can share your imagination with. You are taken care of, even if it’s not so obvious in the dark world that you have painted for the “normal” outside.

Be mindful of self-sabatoge and being afraid of commitment to something you actually desire and really want to happen. You may be afraid to step into the real world with this world you’ve inhabited for so long on your shoulders, afraid to share parts of it, afraid that it will turn into something else for others, or get touched by the normal. Perhaps, you are afraid it may become ruined from your protective bubble once you’ve released it. Keep in mind, it’s okay to share, but you don’t need to share at a cost.

3’s Song Recommendation:

Until next time darlings, love and guts!
Doc Goreblot

It was a Goreblot Hiatus

It’s been a long time coming to return. The longer I left it, the more guilt that built up and the more procrastination that proceeded because I left it too long. I also have been doing other things and for some reason I feel the unmindful need to save precious brain and body power when I have many activities going on. It’s the unspoken expectations I put on myself once I start pursuing a project. Momentum builds and with it, fear? or laziness?
I really do enjoy doing weekly Goreblots, so there is no excuse that I can conjure that would be satisfying enough in my mind. But perhaps that is my inner perfectionist drill sergeant speaking.

Implementing new habits and lifestyle changes is challenging. To train the brain to follow suit takes a bit of time, it takes time to adapt and ease off the grip of old thoughts and beliefs and habits. It takes practice to be mindful of yourself and what’s happening within as you make these changes. It’s often easy to aim for the superficial changes, the ones you can share right away and gloat progress. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, as long as you remember to come back to yourself, and really key into yourself internally. I made a lot of changes and adjustments to my diet recently and I have been working on it since January this year, 2016. The more I read, the more I learn and have to figure out ways to adjust again and then again. The frustrating beauty lies in the fact that there’s no one way to be set, there’s not going to be one way that works. There is going to be layers of things that work in different ways and overlap. If you start focusing on one thing and it grows to this hyper-focused obsession, you are going to miss the other valuable things that may help on the sidelines. It’s consideration for all the other things that play into your sphere and make things connect and happen for you. It’s playing the role of being your own scientist to your own mind and body. As a scientist, you need to be open minded, open to the fact that variables happen and there will always be another thing that will challenge your notion of what you thought was a standstill truth.

I continuously learn how organization is important for me, and how clear intention helps guide me to my goals and the more clear and honest I am with myself, the easier it is to set up the steps to get there. I’m starting to get out of the vagueness fog and making more firm decisions which is a big challenge for me! Help should never be too below anyone, and it takes a brave soul to ask for it as well as being aware and truthful to yourself when you truly need it. I found another way to boost motivation and attain goals is connecting with sources in a community that you feel you represent. Finding your people, your cult, club, group, society etc., will truly enrich your experience, deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective inevitably and naturally. You’ll find that once you’ve found your people, you’ll find an ease in being vulnerable to each other in what you share. You’ll find the world open up a little more in different areas of your life the more you pursue this and open up yourself.


The physical body as it is, is designed to heal itself. When the brain/mind is at dis-ease, the body reacts and vice versa. To implement change for the mind in habit and/or mental health, prescribe gradual shifts and changes with care, as you would if you were to begin a workout program. Set short term and long term goals, take measurements – in the case of the mind, journalling would be an excellent way to do this, talk to someone to help with your perspective and walk through the snags you encounter, and foremost, be gentle to yourself as you make these small adjustments. Also, an important key is to find that commitment to follow through, and often this is in goal setting and support systems. Being held accountable in some kind of way can drive you to the next steps when you’re ready. And what are some simple ways to get started? I recently discovered the beauty of a simple routine can do wonders for headspace and these simple actions for me are; making the bed and cleaning the dishes right after I’ve dirtied them, cleaning as I go and tidying. Very simple actions, but it has helped create space in my mind for more time to focus on the things I really want to crack down on. It’s a transferable practice as they metaphorically or however you want to put it, relate, in that you take care of business now, you will have less to deal with later and it won’t build up and it will also feel more satisfying and rewarding that it is done. Putting yourself into the act of these simple routines that nourish you and your surroundings will feel like magic and it very well can be.

Take in mind the simple thought that once you start and do something you can then ask yourself, “If I can do this, what else can I do?” or take it from improv (I’ve been taking classes) and take the notion, “If this is true, what else is true?” and a whole world of possibilities will start to open up for you.

Up next: a long overdue public Goreblot 😀

Love and Guts,
Doc Goreblot <3