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There are so many layers to self-reflection, just when you think you reflect enough, you then realize there’s another layer to peel back. There is something to how we form our thoughts. Even when we think that we think many thoughts, which we do, there are ways in which we are habitual and cyclical about those thoughts. You may self-reflect or get into deep thought, but what is deep? You surrender yourself to all the voices, all the callings of your attention, then you find you are ruminating, worrying and latching on to so many thoughts – like a thought hoarder pack rat. Thoughts can be very cyclical and formed by habit just like our physical actions. That’s why I feel it’s very important, just forming habits of making the bed, to clear that mental space every now and again. Not only will you feel lighter and more clear, you’ll feel less toxic and more at ease in your approach to any area in your life. Bad habit thoughts can be carried in the body in so many different ways. Notice where you are holding it in your body when you start digging at a thought or many thoughts. You may be even holding your breathe, grinding your teeth, clenching your shoulders or your stomach and this isn’t even exercise. In fact, this is a great reason for why we do exercise, so we can get more physically in tune with our bodies and also physically work out any stress that we’ve accumulated.

There’s a theme here and it’s accumulation.

If you find you’re suffocating in stuff, or your brain is buzzing with too many things and you’re feeling more often than not, paralyzed. This is a time to give yourself space and I invite you to consider a practice of meditation. I’m certain you can allow yourself to let go of all the things you are holding onto for 5-10 minutes a day. If you’re finding it too hard to sit still, then you can practice a meditation while doing a mundane task such as washing the dishes or cleaning the floors, the idea is to let go of what your mind is holding onto and allowing yourself to be absorbed in the task in front of you. It can be challenging, but also so rewarding when you realize how lovely it can be to give yourself a break and to really focus on nothing but the life that is in front of you, your breathe, the feeling of your body and all the energy the stirs inside of it.

You will notice so much when you give in and you will realize how much strain one or more thoughts can have on you.

So take time for yourself to be with yourself and notice the difference. Notice that with a regular practice like this, you’ll be able to approach tasks with more ease as you won’t be fretting so much about the outcomes.

On to the Goreblot fortunes….


I do hope you have had a glorious October and Halloween. Alas, with about 60 odd days left of this year, I hope they find you well and fruitful!

Here’s the drill, pick a healing hand with an issue or question in mind and then scroll down to find your corresponding message. I use my own divination technique called Goreblots, using paintomancy to call upon the messages. The images that appear is the result of the divination painting process.

healing hands

If you chose 1…

There’s a need to connect to some light. It feels distant and you want to get closer to it, but you don’t know quite how to do so. Guiding light can only reach you if you take that step forward into it. Let your hand illuminate your toe. Not only is there light on the outside, but as cheezy as this sounds, you have some light within. This is a time to look at your own fingertips and see what energy they can manifest. We tend to ignore our most handy and used body part that does all these things for us, all this work, we don’t even realize.

If you focus your energy to your fingertips, what do you imagine coming out of them?

Swirls of colour, starbursts, shooting stars, a sparkling rainbow, lazors, or maybe even magic snakes. Let the power of your imagination, your mind, wield your fingertips into a powerful tool where energy spills out of them and onto the objects that you touch or onto a task you are doing, perhaps even a dance. It’s no mere object or thing now that you’ve laced it with your magical tendrils. This is your connection to light, your inner illumination. A soft focus enmeshed with a simple intention creates your magical power. You keep this focus and visualization going and just see that everything you touch radiates just a little more.

Can you feel the light….

If you chose 2…

Reach out and touch, me. Your own Personal Jesus. Reaching out over and over, you talk with your hands more than your mouth. And not by gesticulations but by tapping on buttons or touch screens. It’s so automatic half the time you don’t know you’re doing it, you’re so enmeshed (word of the day) in the habit. Your hands are these automatons stringing you along this world of projections. Tap, tap, swipe, clich, what other motion do they know other than wiping your ass and making a cup of coffee?

Dead fingers, cold, lacking heat. When was the last time you traced something with your fingers? When’s the last time you scrunched your fingers into a fist or gripped onto something really tight? It may not have been that long ago. Yesterday even. But how meaningful was it to you and how meaningful to you are your screen interactions?

You are distracting yourself from a worry. The worry of creating something that already exists.

Your fingers are the plugs plugging you in and engrossing you in this world of infinity – so many things not to be missed.

Everything already does exist. You can keep discovering new versions of the same things in a different voice or quality. But my recommendation to you so you don’t get completely lost, is simplify. Look at your palms and really take a moment to look. Rub them together and create warmth, blow on them if you need to and then cover your eyes. Without overthinking (I know that’s really hard), what’s the first image you see? breathe in and then out deeply, identify what the image is. Now take your fingers onto your scalp and move it up and down, side to side, releasing any thoughts you are holding onto and go, go towards that image that was set in your mind. Your hands want more for you. Whenever you need to reconnect, do this, reach out and touch yourself and remember that you are here.

Salvation lies just a touch away…

If you chose 3…

Prophecy. Rise. Shed. Bone Marrow. You are tinkering and touching and feeling. Playing with the threads of some new ball of string or strumming a chord on a new instrument, you are finding that this is speaking to a different part of your soul. Perhaps, unlike what you’ve felt, or perhaps you have and its been a long time since. Hand and shadow puppets, now is the time to play and dance, stretch and reach, your hands are your navigators, your scouts, they reach something before the rest of your body catches up. Your hands take so much impact, sometimes holding up your own entire body weight, maybe even someone else’s. Your hands are your base. Are you finding that sitting and doing one action makes you squirm? Perhaps your mind wanders too much, your body follows, and you step in pace with an energy that is not your own and is not intentional but distracted. This is a time to return back to your base and play with mudras (intentional hand gestures) and/or meditation so you can realign yourself back to where you can feel that soul drive, that aura, that ease in your direction. Expression is in your base, it is in your hands that hold you and carry what surrounds you.

Just give me a second baby, to clear my head…

I hope this helps shed some expression and light into your days to come.

Love and guts,
Doc Goreblot

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