Gore Goals

Into Sagittarian season we go!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed the energy shift and lift this week.  Feels like the centaurian archer has got my back as I aim with bow and arrow to realistic priorities and seeing more clearly the steps I need to take to achieve certain goals. Goals.  Goals seem to be the hashtag trend these days, lit by a smirk tipping towards the sentiment.  Examples include; relationship goals, squad goals, hair goals, life goals etc. and it seems it has this undertone of absurd sarcasm with a hint of keenness to obtain this aspired thing, but with no real inclination to sit down and make it happen and actually do the work for it.  Or it could be just another way of saying, “maybe if I win the lottery,” the phrase sprays out, and hangs in the air like a fine mist and then dispels, leaving, without a glimpse of real hope or optimism or real purpose.

A gentle coveting never hurt anyone, but be mindful it doesn’t turn on you and curdle and collect fluffy mold envy.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparative state where we pick at what we don’t have and what others have.  Structure your motivations around your own sincere desires, otherwise be lost battering yourself up for not being as seemingly glamorous as the #goal person that has you starry eyed and unhealthily yearning.

Goals don’t need to be serious, mind you, however if you actually do want to set goals and possibly really meet them, the best way is to start hashing (instead of hashtagging) out what you really really want, what you can see yourself committing to and honing in on the steps to get there.  A phrase that occurred to me, to remind me and help recalibrate my focus is very simple and you can ask yourself this if you find you’re getting flustered with the details, choices and decisions is; “what is the next step?”.  Meeting goals can be sincerely rewarding once you have obtained them with dedicated time and commitment.  Focusing on priorities and becoming aware of your own behavioural patterns will be part of this process and it will take hard work and quite a bit of experimentation and investigation till you can find your flow.

To fire up motivation if you find yourself losing sight of attainment, or you’re getting restless not getting there fast enough or things aren’t going quite as you hoped, take the time to remind yourself of the deep true-to-you longing that pulled on your desires in the first place to start.  Staying motivated can be real sneaky and tricky sometimes, all of a sudden a wrench gets thrown into your flow or something else new and distracting catches your attention and before you know it you’ve blinked yourself off course.  Pay no mind to hiccups! and being hard on yourself doesn’t really do anything either.  Return with wonder and laugh at your silly wander, perhaps the sidetrack journey had you bring back a snack as you dive back into your goal focus.  Just remember the deep longing, the feeling you want to feel when you approach that goal.  Of course, it’s not going to turn out exactly how you pictured, or maybe it will, but you will feel so satisfied with the work you’ve put in.  So try it, the Sagittarius energy is a great time to pick up speed.  Take that bow and arrow in hand and look to were you want to shoot, are you going to aim for the stars?  And if you find yourself twitching to hashtag this endeavour, here’s one for you, #goalgoals.

There is always so much more to say on the goal topic.  But, let’s see what’s cooking with your guts and perhaps you will find the spice needed to fire your engine there.

Now, onto the Goreblot fortunes!


spice variety

Here we have spice variety.  Think of your question, choose from the selection of 1. Cardamom, 2. Dried Mushrooms and 3. Dried Peppers and scroll down to find your corresponding message.

If you chose 1. Cardamom…


  1. Cardamom.  Communication has lately been weird, yes? You are finding you are not on the same page or level as others.  You find you are vying to get your own attention and yet you are divided as you explain yourself to others or a partner.  Some communication gets dropped for no apparent reason, ghosted, abandoned with abandon.

What you think you need to come across may not necessarily need be communicated.  It just comes at this unspoken expectation or assumption that we openly share so many things with the world.  Social media is serving us a cadence, a rhythm of sharing and incorporating notes and beats before we even learn the entire song.

But you’re noticing the song isn’t quite whole.  It feels incomplete, lost.  That moment of stepping back and realizing, what are you engaging in?  Where is all this energy you are putting in going to? What would happen if you disengaged or decided to be quiet about something? or you made your own song away from the computer and phone?  Try taking a step back.  Assess where your energy and attention is going in this monitor-ful world, it’s easy to forget to check back and monitor ourselves.

Take some time to find your own rhythm again.  Find your song. Bottle your own essence and perhaps try keeping it to yourself.  If you release everything, what precious little do you have left to yourself? and then no wonder you find yourself lost and stumbling around not able to communicate properly.  Remember your voice.  Touch your song before you release it into a cave of confusing echoes of other voices.  You don’t need to battle others, just take the time now to regenerate your own voice so you can be heard more clearly.  Not only to others, but yourself as well.

If you chose 2. Dried Mushrooms…


2. Dried Mushrooms.  Hyper sick.  Perhaps a new term to be used, though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  It’s the idea of allowing all disease to filter into your system.  There’s the unexpected sick that comes through your immune system from viruses, then the sick that is triggered somehow through your genes, then there’s the sick you carry in your body from external issues that you are not dealing with.  Putting yourself at dis-ease.  A clinging onto of illness because no cure is in sight or it’s so familiar, no other state seems right.

Hyper-sick, where all the systems feel attacked – your mind, body and spirit.  This is helplessness.  This is like all systems failed and where’s the reboot button? But fear not! There are many medicines to heal you, you just have to be willing to try them out.  Also, if you are not sick already, this is definitely a time to take caution and protect yourself.  Take some immune boosting herbals like oil of oregano or drink some echinacea tea.  Vegetables and a broth will be your friend.  Prevention and damage control are key.

When our bodies get attacked, it sucks.  Be investigative of the cause.  If it’s a mental sick, a spiralling mood, what foods did you eat, what situations or behavioural patterns did you sink into? If it’s spirit sick, what issues are you not dealing with or are you in denial of? If it’s body sick, how far did you push yourself or who were you around that might have passed it to you?  Sometimes finding the cause will help you.

A simple key to help, as wellness is an ongoing process, a continuous tinkering – just remember that alignment is what unlocks your strength.  Align yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually – it’s work, but you will start unlocking where those sick knots lie.

If you chose 3. Dried Peppers…


3. Dried Peppers.  Sometimes, you feel you need to get away.  You crave adventure or some different scenery.  There’s that urge to explore unchartered territory.  A buzz to spice things up, so to speak.  Hot dog!  Reel back that line you cast in the clouds and start figuring it out.  What can you afford? What steps can you implement to get to that dream vacation?

Don’t shoot it down and assume it’s never going to happen.  It won’t happen if you don’t allow yourself to line up with it.  Sometimes, the smallest step towards something can make the motion happen and you can move forward.  It can be as simple as writing it down on a piece of paper.  Sometimes placing a dream on a piece of paper can make it at least a bit more real than having it float around in your head.  And that piece of paper does not have a bunch of other ideas attacking it and shooting it down saying it will never happen.  By writing it down, you are claiming it’s presence and giving it vocation.

Yes, your dreams can become reality, yes you can get that trip.  Write it down, write down where you want to go and while you’re at it, you can even start brainstorming steps in getting there.  Do you need to set aside some money? do you need time off work? what can you do to make this more real?

Everything is intention and energy.  If you truly want and long for something, you will find yourself working towards it.  If you find you are being held back, then look at why that is.  What is your major road block and how much of a block is it really.

Here’s an assignment for you, find out what the meaning of life is.  Scratch that, find out what the meaning of your life is – you create it, it’s your vision.  What do you want and what do you see? This is an excellent time to make it happen.

Hope this helps! Have a fantastic weekend.

Love and Guts,
Doc G.

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