Shoot For the Thrill

It’s time again to consider current running themes in our lives and poke at the places where we deem need for improvement.  I don’t know about you, but this is my constant.  I’m constantly haunted by ruminations on top of my sensitivity on top of focus struggles because of those things.  It’s a feedback loop.  However,  everything is energy and the more we feed that energy, the more it thrives.  So starving that bird feeder so those anxious birds stop flitting about and returning for more of that dire feed, is a must.  How do we starve that energy we don’t want? by feeding the good energy, reinforcing, focusing on accomplishments and what is going good in your life.

Easier said than done, am I right?

One thing that helps me when I catch myself spiralling down is getting active.  Going for a walk, a run, and something I have been poking at myself to really get back into again is lifting weights.  The body really likes to move and as soon as you do so, it rewards you with the release of endorphins which not only staves pains away, but also makes you feel good, like if you were on morphine.  Endorphins are a natural drug that you can produce yourself!

If there is something psychological that makes you not like exercise, or you’ve just never liked exercise, there are always sneaky ways around it.  You still need to get places, so walking is a sure fire way to get those steps in.  And if there is any other activities that you like that get you moving, dancing for instance, then you’re ahead of your own game.  Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for the sedentary and honestly you’ll feel worse and your body will get worse if you don’t take the initiative to move.  If you need motivation, find a good friend to buddy up with so you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable.  If you like group activities, group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and you will feel good because you will feel part of a community.  All hits on the beneficial!

I may blog about exercise constantly because I endorse it, I believe in it, and it isn’t just some thing that ‘fit’ people do.  Exercise is for everybody, whether you like it or not.

Alright, now that I got that out of the way, onward to the Goreblot fortunes for this week!


This week we are tapping into the energy of the Tarot suits.  As usual, think of your question or issue and choose a number or suit and then scroll down for your guidance.  If you can’t quite settle on one, you can choose more than one.

tarot suits

Your choices: 1. Swords, 2. Coins, 3. Chalices and 4. Wands

If you chose 1. Swords…


  1. Swords.  Be thrilled to find what’s underneath the surface once you’ve cut into it.  Hesitance keeps us all holding ourselves back, you’re not the only one affected by your mind’s own self-afflictions.  Patience with the blade that is you, patience in maintaining the sharpness, patience in getting the dullness out.  A cloth to help you shine, a stone to help you sharpen.

The philosopher’s stone is bleeding around the edges and has you crying for an answer where the answer is not so ready wielded.  A partial answer may come around like a bread crumb with more questions attached to it.  This is the moment where you need to take control and decide.  Decide and take action.  Grab onto the tangible.  What have you already manifested? How can you improve your game and what you already have?  And if there’s something you’re really striving for, hone in on those blockages, corner them, and wittingly look at steps of attack that you can see are are clear, to overcome them.  Even the simple act of writing down and identifying your blocks can help you identify them and work out the steps around them.  No more mind loops that you have let yourself engage in.  No more wandering and wondering endlessly.  You will find your answers once you start engaging and focusing and taking true action.  Disengage the romanticizing and fantacizing tacts that take you away from the solid and tangible.  The time for cutting into the meat of your ideas and inspirations is now.

We’ll cut the thick and break the thin….

If you chose 2. Coins….


2. Coins.  Mapping out plans through brown and violet.  You may have had in your life some decisions that were made seemingly for you from unexpected events such as unplanned pregnancy, being born into a family that was abusive physically or emotionally, or sudden loss (death).  Sometimes we just can’t control what has been handed to us in our life’s circumstances and some things are out of our control to decide.  We feel powerless to the circumstances of chance.  However, what you make of it is totally in your power.  It may not come easy, but perhaps you need to ease up on the focus of everything being so hard.  What are you fighting against now? What has you bashing your head against the wall?

You have come far and you have made significant impact, whether you see it or not.  You have dug your way out of so much dirt and bullshit that has been tossed your way.  Do not let the past bury you again.  There are green pastures up above you, you just need to excavate yourself out a tiny bit more.  Unbury the hidden treasures that await within you and your surroundings.  The sun is already kissing the top of your head.  Work towards that warm orb because it is real, you can feel it and you have the strength to pull out of that softly suffocating self-burial.  You will realize as soon as you start pulling yourself up, the grips of that dirt will loosen, and you will feel a satisfying release of your roots from that nutrient-deprived earth.  Then if you wish, you can find a new place to plant yourself. Call it a positive re-soiling 😉

Reckoning is the only reason why we suffer at all….

If you chose 3. Chalices…


3. Chalices.  Driven by fame and fortune, where our passions drive us every day.  What drives you, what is your ultimate thrill?  What feels right and what is unusual?  Where have your waters of emotions run dry and/or shallow? You may have found yourself caught up in so much drama lately but if you pull back, you realize you don’t need to be as involved as you think.  There is no shame in taking time off social media to reconnect with yourself.  Not everyone is so skilled at dividing their attention.  Attention takes a certain kind of focus that can involve emotions, why we often say what ‘grabs our attention’ usually has some involvement of emotions.  It is intense to then try to respond to so much divided, emotionally driven attentions going on at once.  Our systems can only handle so much.  As attention grabbing, emotionally invested stuff requires reaction as well and reaction can be depletion to our energy stores.

What mindless impulses or reactionary signals have taken you away, or divided your attention so much lately? What have you allowed yourself to give into?  You may react to the internet trolls, but don’t be surprised to find that you started becoming one yourself.  Some of that attention stealing negative energy can be contagious, and I don’t blame you.  We’re all emotional beings and we all get sucked into the vacuum of knee-jerk opinions and reactions.  However, now is the time to really connect with your voice again and form complete thoughts that are not driven by the immediacy of the internet.  Yes, it’s work, it’s work because it’s breaking away from something so habitual and streamlined as being the norm of what’s expected.  Here’s news for you, no one is making you do it.  You’re a free bird and it’s completely in your hands to step back and take a break if you need.  You could even make it a healthy habit that you expect from yourself.  Perhaps take yourself out on a date, maybe catch that ridiculous Trolls movie, they’re probably far more palpable than internet trolls (hint: I saw the movie last night and they are, forget knee-jerking, try tear jerking, or that might just be me).

Just because we check the guns at the door; doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades…

If you chose 4. Wands…


4. Wands.  Dreams are at your fingertips to manifest.  Obviously, they won’t come out exactly the way you dreamed them but that’s the beauty of enjoying the process.  Serenity comes in the simplest of actions of just allowing yourself to show up and let the movements take you there.  That place of being in the process can be a deep and wonderful place if you are able to allow yourself to relax and surrender to it.  There are no holdings on you right now, so you have the freedom to play.  No expectations are driving your hands, just a sense of gentle curiosity.  Like staring at clouds and seeing objects and faces, this is a time of permission.  Give yourself the permission to pamper yourself, relax in a bubble bath, get a massage, take a meditation or yoga class even, if you have been considering these things but never took the steps to do them.  Anything gentle for you physically right now will rejuvenate you.  I mean, this stuff will always have the power to rejuvenate, however if you have been putting it off, then do it already! It will be especially potent for you now.  Also, if you dance, I suggest you find a place to do that, there’s a strong call to let loose, surrender, and feel yourself beyond your mind and body.  I’m talking soul, baby! Tap into that.

A feeling good, good, creepin’ up on you…

~~~I hope this shines brightly on your day and days to come!

Love and guts,
Doc. G

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