Internal Wars, Goreblot

So for those of you following these posts, you may have noted that I am not releasing the Goreblots right on Friday anymore nor calling it Fortune Fridays. Due to the fact that I am shifting around and I am feeling out different release times. I admit, it’s a big step being a consistent content maker! Such responsibility!

Yesterday I decided to have a screenless Sunday which was so fantastic I am definitely going to do more. Sometimes we need to take a break from things, slow down, and see the world and remember what it’s like beyond the screen. It was instantaneous for me to reconnect with myself and so humbling and warm to be alone with myself and feel good about it. Often times being so connected in computerland can drive anxiety and depression up the wall bringing this loss of real connection to the self. We’re so driven to publish ourselves and broadcast that a moment is not even taken to consider a moment even. So there’s that.

On to the Goreblot fortunes, shall we.

Your choices:
File 2016-08-29, 12 35 14 PM

Choosing your word/number with a question in your mind, scroll down to get your corresponding answer!

If you chose 1. Voyant.

Shifts. Cancellations abrupt. You don’t see them coming and you’re surprised but not overly anxious about it. But also maybe not that surprised. You know what’s happening around you, acutely aware of your surroundings. You’ve chosen to put some filters on so you don’t have to deal with certain issues that seem too noisy to you. And these issues are a bit noisy with emotions. However, don’t be too dismissive as these issues will come your way and effect you in due time.

Your attention may be traipsing along a trail that it doesn’t need to go at the moment. You are unhappy with a situation and you see that, yet you continue along because you don’t know what else to do or how to deal with it. Perhaps shifting your perspective and knowing you can’t fix everything exterior to yourself, but you can work on your interior. You know how you’re going to react to something, you may even know how events are going to unfold – since you know this or think you know all this, then you have a lot of power! like whoa. So in that, you have choices. You choose what you are going to do and who you are going to be to these issues you see or choose not to see. It’s up to you, you choose yourself and know the outcome is all you.

Here’s a song for you:

If you chose 2. Miasma.

Health complaints. Blaming the weather. The weather is but an ingredient so you may want to investigate other factors. Bio-hack yourself, look at the other ingredients in the recipe that makes you and figure out what’s making you tick, what’s making you feel ‘off’.

Your environment, your social constructs, your exposure – and even exposure to what you expose yourself to, not just what is coming at you. Emphasis on what you expose yourself to, as we make the same recipe, we will get the same results over and over again. So what can you change that you are exposing yourself to that may be hindering your health? What ingredient can you tinker with, something different, to create a different result? And if you really want results you really have to change the recipe and it might not work out the first time. But fumbling around in that kitchen and making mistakes means you will be closer to finding out the right formula.

Avoidance and bedroom judgment from your computer isn’t going to help you here. Defend yourself with all the blogs and memes in the world, they may make you feel righteous for a little while, kicking up a conversation and an awareness, but you’ll still feel there’s something missing. And what that something is is action. Do something if you really want to feel better. Work on yourself, it really is your choice. You deserve wellness, it is your right and no one can interfere with that. Just know that. For real.

Here’s a little song for you:

If you chose 3. Clerical

Hey, life gets in the way, as they say. It’s a kind of rationale, it’s kind of an excuse, we all know where our own priorities lie and sometimes they don’t coincide with others’ and that’s ok really. Just remember, the life you chose is the life you chose and be aware of what you choose over something else. If work is taking you away from something you really want to be doing, then perhaps switch your vocation or at least make it so you are closer to what you actually want to do.

I’m not saying quit your job to chase your dream job, that’s too much pressure on your dreams, all of a sudden overwhelming your dreams with real life demands might just crush them into smithereens before they even had a chance. It’s a tricky balance for sure. But what can you push where you are at right now? is there some flexibility there that you’re not seeing? There is always definitely time to sneak in there for something you really want to do. If you want to art away but feel like you don’t have the time, what about sneaking in a 30min session somewhere? even 10min is better than nothing right? And anyways, it’s like training for something big, you have to walk before you can run. So don’t stretch yourself beyond your current limits, go at your current pace, be okay with it and yes, you do have time. You most certainly have the resources.

There may be slight sacrifices, but just weigh out what matters to you most. Time unwinding watching T.V. for instance? or a doodle session at your favourite cafe? you make it a habit just like the mindless internet surfing, you’ll be doing more of what you love in no time.

Take care and listen to this:

I hope you have a terrific week. If you need me, the Doc is here for you.

Love and Guts,
Doc Goreblot