It was a Goreblot Hiatus

It’s been a long time coming to return. The longer I left it, the more guilt that built up and the more procrastination that proceeded because I left it too long. I also have been doing other things and for some reason I feel the unmindful need to save precious brain and body power when I have many activities going on. It’s the unspoken expectations I put on myself once I start pursuing a project. Momentum builds and with it, fear? or laziness?
I really do enjoy doing weekly Goreblots, so there is no excuse that I can conjure that would be satisfying enough in my mind. But perhaps that is my inner perfectionist drill sergeant speaking.

Implementing new habits and lifestyle changes is challenging. To train the brain to follow suit takes a bit of time, it takes time to adapt and ease off the grip of old thoughts and beliefs and habits. It takes practice to be mindful of yourself and what’s happening within as you make these changes. It’s often easy to aim for the superficial changes, the ones you can share right away and gloat progress. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, as long as you remember to come back to yourself, and really key into yourself internally. I made a lot of changes and adjustments to my diet recently and I have been working on it since January this year, 2016. The more I read, the more I learn and have to figure out ways to adjust again and then again. The frustrating beauty lies in the fact that there’s no one way to be set, there’s not going to be one way that works. There is going to be layers of things that work in different ways and overlap. If you start focusing on one thing and it grows to this hyper-focused obsession, you are going to miss the other valuable things that may help on the sidelines. It’s consideration for all the other things that play into your sphere and make things connect and happen for you. It’s playing the role of being your own scientist to your own mind and body. As a scientist, you need to be open minded, open to the fact that variables happen and there will always be another thing that will challenge your notion of what you thought was a standstill truth.

I continuously learn how organization is important for me, and how clear intention helps guide me to my goals and the more clear and honest I am with myself, the easier it is to set up the steps to get there. I’m starting to get out of the vagueness fog and making more firm decisions which is a big challenge for me! Help should never be too below anyone, and it takes a brave soul to ask for it as well as being aware and truthful to yourself when you truly need it. I found another way to boost motivation and attain goals is connecting with sources in a community that you feel you represent. Finding your people, your cult, club, group, society etc., will truly enrich your experience, deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective inevitably and naturally. You’ll find that once you’ve found your people, you’ll find an ease in being vulnerable to each other in what you share. You’ll find the world open up a little more in different areas of your life the more you pursue this and open up yourself.


The physical body as it is, is designed to heal itself. When the brain/mind is at dis-ease, the body reacts and vice versa. To implement change for the mind in habit and/or mental health, prescribe gradual shifts and changes with care, as you would if you were to begin a workout program. Set short term and long term goals, take measurements – in the case of the mind, journalling would be an excellent way to do this, talk to someone to help with your perspective and walk through the snags you encounter, and foremost, be gentle to yourself as you make these small adjustments. Also, an important key is to find that commitment to follow through, and often this is in goal setting and support systems. Being held accountable in some kind of way can drive you to the next steps when you’re ready. And what are some simple ways to get started? I recently discovered the beauty of a simple routine can do wonders for headspace and these simple actions for me are; making the bed and cleaning the dishes right after I’ve dirtied them, cleaning as I go and tidying. Very simple actions, but it has helped create space in my mind for more time to focus on the things I really want to crack down on. It’s a transferable practice as they metaphorically or however you want to put it, relate, in that you take care of business now, you will have less to deal with later and it won’t build up and it will also feel more satisfying and rewarding that it is done. Putting yourself into the act of these simple routines that nourish you and your surroundings will feel like magic and it very well can be.

Take in mind the simple thought that once you start and do something you can then ask yourself, “If I can do this, what else can I do?” or take it from improv (I’ve been taking classes) and take the notion, “If this is true, what else is true?” and a whole world of possibilities will start to open up for you.

Up next: a long overdue public Goreblot 😀

Love and Guts,
Doc Goreblot <3