Erin Pazaratz

Artist. Divination. Oracle. Erin Pazaratz

Artist. Divination. Oracle. Erin Pazaratz

Artist. Divination. Oracle. Erin PazaratzArtist. Divination. Oracle. Erin PazaratzArtist. Divination. Oracle. Erin Pazaratz

Bio my Brains out

No artist's bio/statement is ever definitive (aka no rest for the creative wickeds)

Erin Pazaratz resides and works in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.  She studied at OCAD University, graduating with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. 

What makes an artist tick? What emerges from the seedy depths of a trippy visual brain? It can be nostalgia, in fact, it is nostalgia where vibes are born and the most we can do as artists is obsess over those vibes and recreate it for ourselves.  It's selfish really.  Until we learn to share it with others, or we just learn that hey, what we're doing is catching on, others are vibing with it also.  Let's keep making this sodding mess, shall we?

Basically, it's messing with things that give us a thrill, a VIBE.  It's a bit of visual science to see what sticks.  Alchemy.

Erin's style pulls from the colours and absurdisms of her childhood.  Her interests in horror, anatomy, mingled with the awkwardness of B-rated 80's and beyond, shleps in her hand and makes it onto to page, the pieces, the protrusions.

All the interests, like her sticker collections, morphed into a pile of visuals, sticking together on pages or venturing off as their own objects.  When her sticker collection, then marbles, then pogs and so forth phased out, it was replaced with tattoos, crystals, plants and books.  

So that's Erin.

Besides the art...

Erin has dedicated her focus on an array of other disciplines, including fitness and belly dance.  

She has an obsession about movement, the body, how it correlates to all the things we do in life.  It's reactions, it's humours, the science, the pseudo-science, it is all fascinating to her.

She started a project and it's on another website.  Check it out.  More will come as the branches grow.  


The evolution of one's work is a fascinating thing.  Currently Erin's work is a focus on what she has coined Goreblots (hence the name of the site)- it is a style of paintomancy.  Derivative of divination work like Tarot, automatic writing, and a spin off of Rorschach.  They are divination paintings, or put simply "psychic paintings". Check out the Gore Blog to experience the Goreblot.